Personal Injury Lawyer in Clearwater

When most people think of personal injury lawyers, they may immediately think about car accidents.  However, there are many other situations in which an attorney may be able to assist a person who has suffered injuries.

A couple of examples where a personal injury lawyer may be able to assist victims of injuries in contexts other than car accidents include:

Premises Liability:  Slip and falls/trip and falls at the grocery store, or at a hotel, or on a slippery dock are common scenarios in which a person can suffer a serious injury that could have been avoided.  All business owners have a duty to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition.  However, it is also true that business owners are not strictly liable for all injuries that occur on their premises.   What constitutes negligence by the property/business owner in this context is often hotly debated between the injured party, and the owner.  Chris Roberts can help you determine and prove at a trial if necessary whether your injury was the result of the business owner's negligence, such that you may be entitled to recovery for your medical expenses and other losses.

Product Defects:  There are literally thousands of injuries that occur to consumers each year as a result of defective products.  Everything from defective vehicles or tires that cause serious accidents or preventable injuries (crashworthiness), to pressure cookers that explode for no reason, to laptop or ecig batteries that catch fire, to defective dry wall that causes mold and resulting respiratory problems can result in preventable injuries for which the product manufacturer and/or seller can be held responsible.    This is also an area in which many personal injury attorneys who focus mostly on car accident cases may not be the best fit for the injured party.  Product defect cases often involve the retention of highly trained engineering experts who are necessary to prove your case, and a detailed understanding of the law as it concerns the proper presentation of evidence.   Chris Roberts devotes the majority of his practice to assisting consumer victims in Clearwater and around the country who were seriously injured by defective products.   Among other successes, Chris Roberts was lead counsel for the plaintiffs in a defective tire case against Goodyear in 2010, which resulted in a $5.6 million verdict for his clients, one of the highest verdicts of its kind ever in Pasco County, Florida.  Few personal injury lawyers in the Tampa Bay area have such experience or results.  Before you hire a personal injury attorney to assist you in a case involving a dangerous product, make sure they have experience in that particular field of personal injury law.


Chris Roberts is a lawyer with 25 years of experience handling personal injury, premises liability, product defect, car accident cases, and complex commercial litigation.  He is available for a free consultation, and even makes "house calls" if needed.  You can contact Chris and schedule a free consultation by emailing him at this link:, or call his office at 727.286.3537.