Air Bag Manufacturer Takata Concealed Product Defects According to Former Workers

You may have heard about the recent recalls involving air bags manufactured by a company named Takata (a major air bag manufacturer for the auto industry).  The recall affects several makes and models of vehicles, and involves the potential that shards of metal may be ejected towards passengers upon an airbag deployment.   The recall is already far-reaching.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), these airbags are especially susceptible to injuring or killing vehicle occupants in hot, humid states such as Florida.  Heat and humidity apparently cause an acceleration in the process that leads to the potentially deadly condition.  The recall includes multiple vehicle manufacturers who equipped their vehicles with Takata airbags, ranging from BMW, to Ford, to Honda and Toyota and others.  To learn more, follow THIS LINK TO SAFERCAR.GOV.

In a new twist, former Takata workers have now come forward and stated that the company knew about this danger as far back as 2004, and then covered it up.   MORE AT THIS LINK.   The story is absolutely amazing.  According to the former workers, the air bag manufacturer conducted secret testing that revealed the defect in 2004, and then instructed workers to destroy the test results!  Takata then doubled down as time went on, allegedly assuring vehicle manufacturers for years that the air bags were safe, despite its own testing that showed otherwise.

The defect is potentially deadly, and the statements by whistleblower employees that the company knew about the defect for the better part of a decade and then covered it up, is nothing short of criminal if true.

Chris Roberts is a lawyer with 23 years of trial experience, based in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.  He has handled dozens of cases for consumer victims of motor vehicle related defects around the country.   To learn more about the Takata defective air bag recall, or if you believe that you have suffered an injury as a result of an airbag defect, contact Chris for more information.  You can call him at 727.286.3537, or send Chris an email about your potential case by clicking on this link: